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Should You Get Back With Your Ex: Live In The Now!

At first, when you ask yourself should I get back with an ex, it may seem like an obvious answer…yes! They were perfect, we had so many great moments togeshould i get back with exther; the romantic dates to the movies, the passionate moments in bed, even down to the “gazes” and the little touches.

It’s nice to dwell in the past when we’re feeling down, however is it really you making a level headed decision on whether you truly want your ex back?

Take a step back and view it objectively i.e. without your personal feelings getting in the way. Were all those romantic gestures still there before you broke up? Or had they subsided a long time ago? Was there still a glimmer of love in their eyes when you looked at each other? Or had they stopped seeing you as their special one months ago?

Do not dwell on what has already been. If you want to learn how to get your ex back, then you must first be sure that they are worth your time.

Think hard on this one…

If you’re now 100% sure then you’re now ready to move onto laying the foundations to get your ex back: the hardest part.


Coping With A Break Up: Start Afresh!

I hope you are finding my previous posts on getting over a break up useful, and with any luck you’re feeling at least a little bit better now. Brehow to get your ex backak ups are terrible ordeal, so just hang in there, make sure you read through all of the posts, and think happy thoughts. :)

So without further ado, let’s get down to it.

You need to look at your break up as the dawn of a new beginning: out with the old, and in with the new. Begin by rearranging your dwellings; for example, go and buy some new bed clothes or move your furniture around. After which give everything a good clean. This will help you get into a fresh state of mind, ready to start new things!

When your heads in chaos, and so are your surroundings, you will only spiral further into depression. By having a good clean up, you’re sorting out your surroundings and creating a stress free environment. As an added bonus, while you’re in cleaning mode, your mind will be focussed and will avoid constantly replaying thoughts of your ex about in your head.

As your ex is no longer a major part of your life, you should find you have a lot of spare time. You can begin to pursue interests you may have had but never got round to indulging in when you were with your ex. When I split up with my ex I was able to start painting a lot more, and I actually got pretty good at it! So find something you’ve always wanted to try and go do it; you have no excuses now!!

Keep your chin up!

If you have been following these tips, then hopefully your pain has eased and you should be ready to learn how to get your ex back, however you need to be sure it is for the best…should you get back with your ex?

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