Coping with a Break Up: Focus on the Negatives!

how to get over a broken heart

First things first, did you like what I did with the picture: it’s a negative; focus on the negatives. Get it? Well I thought it was clever anyways. 😀

Now down to business: how to get over a broken heart? Well, whenever I’d had break up, something that I always found very effective in helping me take my mind off my ex, was to focus on everything I didn’t like about them; even down to the smallest little things, like they had funny shaped toes, or more hair than, if you were being picky, you don’t like. Regardless of whether you want to get your ex back, this is a good exercise to get you to focus.

When you’re in love, you often overlook the one you love’s flaws and imperfections, focusing on the negatives about that person helps you to stop pining over them. Once you can think straight again, you can begin to get them back, if you should choose of course. 😉

Rooting for ya!

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